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The PPL is a Western Cape initiative launched in November 2012 by pigeon fanciers of the Strand and Districts Homing Union.

The main focus of the PPL is to offer interested pigeon lovers the option to participate in races from 3 different geographical routes over a period of 15 consecutive weeks, weather permitting.

Once the steering committee had formulated the structures of the PPL an AGM was held in March 2013 to validate the proceedings. At this meeting the following committee was formed to take the initiative forward :

Andrew Kruger : Chairman Riaan Louw : Vice Chairman and PRO Abri Nel : Secretary Emile Slabbert : Race Secretary Hennie Geldenhuys : Treasurer

When Hennie Geldenhuys resigned, Anton Botha was co-opted at an approved meeting to continue in the Treasurer position until the next AGM in 2014.

With the kind assistance of Michel DeBecker a transporter was purchased which could transport 28 panniers of between 35 and 40 pigeons per pannier. The members of the PPL would like to thank Mr DeBecker for his kind assistance.

In 2013 there are 52 schemes of 10 birds per scheme participating in the race program. Some of the members’ race more than one scheme and our aim for 2014 is to recruit sufficient members in all areas to allow our transporter to run at full capacity every week.

Membership of the PPL is by invitation only.

The procedure is that, interested fanciers are put on a waiting list held by the PPL Secretary prior to the AGM. An existing member has to nominate an interested member from the waiting list. Should such member be accepted unanimously he/she would be invited to pay an entrance fee, which currently for 2013 is R1,000.00, and will revised annually at the AGM. Once accepted and paid up the member enjoys all the benefits of the PPL.

During 2013 our racing program includes a ladies race and two coupon races (one of R100.00 per bird from Britstown and the second R500.00 per bird from Kimberley). In 2014 we will also be offering in addition to the above a R1,000.00 per bird coupon race from Steinkopf. This race is held annually on the 24th of September.

We presently offer a 10 bird scheme which accommodates the small fancier who does not wish to keep a lot of pigeons for whatever reason.

The ideal for 2014 is to grow to approximately 100 members racing a scheme each and again to race from three directions, not necessarily the same as 2013.

Should our membership grow sufficiently, we would discuss and consider racing in sections (possibly East, Central and West) plus overall.

Our main focus is to communicate regularly with our target fanciers in the Western Cape and in this regard ensure all who participate enjoy the sport and take part in a healthy and ethical way.

We are constantly endeavouring to improve our structures and endeavours and invite positive and constructive criticism from all quarters.