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Prestige R1000 Ring Race

Platinum Pigeon League will fly two races from the West and East in 2016.

The Platinum Pigeon League is flying two races coast to coast. From the East Kareedouw and from the West Kenhardt making it fair on all loft positions.

This year the PPL will be actively appointing agents throughout South Africa and abroad to solicit fanciers to send birds to allocated lofts for this prestigious race.

Focus will be given to a much stronger communication with fanciers or private business people who have purchased 2016 Prestige rings. Rings allocated will be from a sequence of numbers issued by the PPL and these birds will only be activated once a deposit of R200 per set is paid.

You will receive one ring plus two reserve rings which can be activated at a later stage maximizing your chances of a win in this great race. There will be a two week period in which the deposit needs to be paid to avoid the ring being downgraded to a non prestige ring. Balance of money will need to be paid by end of February 2016 (payment plans up to Feb 2016 available).

Our aim this year and going forward is to grow the number of rings activated to a 1000 Rings so we esculate the prize money dramatically.

Anyone of the birds within a set of rings may be flown in the race on condition it has been paid for. E.g you purchased 2 sets = 6 rings and you pay for the two sets = R2000 you may then fly any two of the six birds in the two races. Should you want to fly more than two birds you would have to activate then as reserve at R1000 per pigeon.

Double rubber rings to be used on basket night all routes

PPL transport will be used on all routes

Only people this side of the mountain may take part.

Race Dates
East Coast Kareedouw - 9 August 2016
West Coast Kenhardt - 24 September 2016
Based on 500 rings sold less 20% for expenses. R400 000 split over both races (200 000 x 2)

1 - R70 000
2 - R40 000
3 - R25 000
4 - R15 000
5 - R10 000
6 - R5 000
7 - R5 000
8 - R5 000
9 - R5 000
10 - R4 000
11 - R3 000
12 - R2 000
13 - R2 000
14 - R2 000
15 - R1 500
16 - R1 500
17 - R1 000
18 - R1 000
19 - R1 000
20 - R1 000

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